Relocation Products

Who doesn't know it? A move is imminent and the tugboats begin before the day of the move. Namely when the moving material has to be purchased. Moving boxes are not exactly handy... So why not have the products sent home simply and conveniently? We have everything for your move: moving boxes, adhesive tape, tissue paper or an electrical set so that you don't have to eat pizza in the dark on the first evening. Or get a complete moving set with everything you need. All these offers are delivered to your home quickly and easily. And wouldn't the move be the perfect moment to tidy up the cable clutter behind the TV furniture? We also have the right products for that. Now would be the right moment to browse through our moving assortment.

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  1. Moving box (brown), Set of 5
    CHF 24.90
    Moving box (brown), Set of 5
    600x320x340 mm moving box (outside dimension)
  2. Moving box (brown), Set of 10
    CHF 37.90
    Moving box (brown), Set of 10
    600x320x340 mm moving box (outside dimension)
  3. Removals set
    CHF 99.90
    - 9 %
    instead of CHF 109.30
    Removals set
    Practical removals set with everything you need for a perfect move of house.
  4. Adhesive tape
    Adhesive tape
    Transparent 48mm x 66 m
  5. Tape roller
    CHF 23.90
    Tape roller
    "Robust" made of metal
  6. Bubble wrap
    CHF 9.90
    Bubble wrap
    0.30 x 10 m
  7. Bubble wrap
    CHF 12.90
    Bubble wrap
    0.50 x 10 m
  8. Tissue paper
    CHF 12.90
    Tissue paper
    white 50 cm x 75 cm
  9. Mini stretch film
    Mini stretch film
    Set of 10, 0.10 x 150 m
  10. Mini stretch film dispenser
    CHF 19.90
    Mini stretch film dispenser
    Mini stretch film dispenser
  11. Stretch film
    CHF 19.90
    Stretch film
    1 piece, 0.5 x 300 m, 20my
  12. Stretch film dispenser
    CHF 89.90
    Stretch film dispenser
    Stretch film dispenser
  13. Cutter knife
    Cutter knife
    9mm aluminium
  14. Cutter knives, replacement blades
    CHF 11.90
    Cutter knives, replacement blades
    10 cut-off blades 9mm, 0.4 mm thick
  15. Lamp assembly moving set
    CHF 19.90
    Lamp assembly moving set
    For installing lights
  16. Pendant lamp
    CHF 14.90
    Pendant lamp
    Makes installing lamps easy
  17. Hook-and-loop cable tie, 16 / 32 / 210 mm
    CHF 16.90
    Hook-and-loop cable tie, 16 / 32 / 210 mm
    Makes everyday life easier
  18. Design Box cable management
    CHF 42.90
    Design Box cable management
    For sorting cables
  19. Tidy cable protection conduit
    CHF 20.90
    Tidy cable protection conduit
    For tidy cables