Room climate

Room climate is often an underappreciated topic. This is because a healthy room climate is no longer a given nowadays. It is often the case that the air pollution indoors is two-to-five-times higher than outside. However, it is not just air purity that is important for our health, air humidity also plays a huge role in this respect. An air humidity of 40–60% is optimal and even helps to prevent us becoming ill in the winter. It is, however, not that easy to maintain these conditions within your home. Did you know that ventilating rooms in the winter usually reduces the air humidity within said rooms?
We have opted for the products from Stadler Form. The Swiss company is well-known for products with a first-class design and for innovative, high-quality products. We decided to use products that are particularly energy efficient, so you can run your humidifier without a guilty conscience.

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  1. TFA Dostmann radio thermometer Spira
    CHF 37.90
    TFA Dostmann radio thermometer Spira
    without battery, incl. transmitter 30.3232.02
  2. Mentrex CO2-Messgerät GS241
    CHF 95.00
    Mentrex CO2-Messgerät GS241
  3. Technoline Thermometer WA 2010
    CHF 18.90
    Technoline Thermometer WA 2010
    Temperaturanzeige in °C
  4. tado° Smart Wall Thermostat
    CHF 141.00
    tado° Smart Wall Thermostat
    tado° Intelligent thermostats - additional products for individual room control
  5. Netatmo Healthy Home Coach
    CHF 109.90
    Netatmo Healthy Home Coach
    Intelligent room climate monitoring
  6. Netatmo Valve – additional smart thermostat for all radiators
    CHF 89.90
    Netatmo Valve – additional smart thermostat for all radiators
    Smart radiator thermostats, energy-saving
  7. Netatmo Valve Starter Pack with 2 smart thermostats and 1 hub
    CHF 199.90
    Netatmo Valve Starter Pack with 2 smart thermostats and 1 hub
    Smart radiator thermostats, energy-saving
  8. Netatmo Weather Station
    Special Price CHF 165.00
    - 11 %
    instead of CHF 184.90
    Netatmo Weather Station
    Dual weather station for indoor and outdoor use
  9. Airthings Wave Mini
    CHF 89.90
    Airthings Wave Mini
    Measures air pollution, temperature and humidity.
  10. Airthings Wave
    CHF 199.90
    Airthings Wave
    Smart radon detector
  11. Airthings Wave Plus
    CHF 269.90
    Airthings Wave Plus
    Measures radon, TVOCs, CO2, temperature, air pressure and humidity