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The Nuki Opener turns the existing intercom into a smart door opener and is designed for self-installation in the home. The Nuki Opener allows to open the front door intelligently. Either via the position of a registered smartphone, time-controlled or at any time by simply ringing the doorbell. In combination with the Nuki Smart Lock you will experience a completely keyless access and benefit from a holistic access system. Can be used without Nuki Smart Lock, but Nuki Bridge must be present. Learn more and do the compatibility test at:

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Product features
  • Keyless from the street into the house
    The Nuki Opener makes the physical key unnecessary in apartment buildings. The Opener lets you conveniently control your intercom via smartphone and opens the main entrance door of your apartment building as soon as you get home.
  • Nuki Bridge required
    Please note that a bridge is required to use the opener properly. In this combination you can also lock your main entrance door remotely.
  • Easy to upgrade on your own
    Like all Nuki products, the Opener is very easy to install by yourself. A detailed step-by-step installation guide can be found in the Nuki app.
  • Open door via app
    One swipe or tap in the Nuki app is enough. In combination with the Nuki Bridge you can conveniently open the front door of your home remotely.
  • Ring to open
    With the Ring to Open function, the door opener of the intercom is activated as soon as someone rings the front door of the apartment building. This can also be limited to specific phone numbers.
  • Ring suppression
    In the Nuki app it can be set that the opener suppresses the intercom's ringing signal for certain actions as soon as someone rings.
  • Continuous mode
    If the continuous mode is activated, the Nuki Opener will always open the front door automatically when someone rings. This feature can be deactivated at any time by pressing a button in the Nuki app.
  • Never miss the postman again
    You have ordered a parcel but can't accept the delivery? With the Nuki Opener you can conveniently open the front door remotely, directly from your office or beach vacation. This way, the delivery service can conveniently leave the package in front of your front door.
  • Access even without smartphone
    By pressing the button on the Nuki Opener you activate a defined time window in which the front door can be opened by simply ringing the doorbell - completely without smartphone.
  • Independent power supply
    The Nuki Opener is powered by four AAA batteries, so no power is drawn from the house system. There is no power theft and you can install the Nuki Opener without your landlord's approval.
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