Netatmo comes from France and was founded in 2011. The aim of Netatmo is to produce perfectly designed products. Everything revolves around the topics of weather, indoor climate and safety. Netatmo offers a small but fine range of smart home products, all of which can be networked and are compatible with other smart home systems such as the Apple HomeKit.

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  1. Netatmo Valve Starter Pack with 2 smart thermostats and 1 hub
    CHF 199.90
    Netatmo Valve Starter Pack with 2 smart thermostats and 1 hub
    Smart radiator thermostats, energy-saving
  2. Netatmo Rain Sensor
    Special Price CHF 72.50
    - 13 %
    instead of CHF 82.90
    Netatmo Rain Sensor
    Rain gauge for the weather station
  3. Netatmo Mount
    CHF 39.90
    Netatmo Mount
    Support for rain gauge and anemometer
  4. Netatmo Wind Gauge
    Special Price CHF 99.90
    - 13 %
    instead of CHF 114.90
    Netatmo Wind Gauge
    Wind gauge for measuring the wind direction and wind speed
  5. Netatmo Indoor Module
    CHF 79.90
    Netatmo Indoor Module
    Additional module for the Netatmo weather station
  6. Netatmo smart smoke detector
    Special Price CHF 99.90
    - 17 %
    instead of CHF 119.90
    Netatmo smart smoke detector
    A smart smoke detector
  7. Netatmo Weather Station
    Special Price CHF 165.00
    - 11 %
    instead of CHF 184.90
    Netatmo Weather Station
    Dual weather station for indoor and outdoor use
  8. Netatmo Healthy Home Coach
    CHF 109.90
    Netatmo Healthy Home Coach
    Intelligent room climate monitoring
  9. Netatmo Welcome
    Special Price CHF 179.00
    - 19 %
    instead of CHF 219.90
    Netatmo Welcome
    Smart home camera with facial recognition
  10. Netatmo Presence
    Special Price CHF 269.00
    - 7 %
    instead of CHF 289.00
    Netatmo Presence
    Smart outdoor security camera with integrated flood light