Chinese Drop Lantern, solar-powered, palm frond design (indoor/outdoor)

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Product description

A summer party just isn’t a summer party without Chinese lanterns that put everyone in the right mood. Design your garden party using the right Chinese lanterns in your preferred summer colours and take advantage of the convenient timer function that eliminates the need for you to switch your lanterns on and off yourself. What’s more, these lanterns are equipped with integrated photovoltaic modules, which means they run solely on solar power and don’t need any batteries or electrical connections.

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Product features
  • Sustainable lighting system with solar modules
  • twilight switch (switches on automatically when it gets dark and then off again when it gets light)
  • summery design
  • foldable
  • indoor and outdoor
Technical data
  • 1 LED
  • solar-powered
  • timer twilight switch
  • warm white
  • 52cm (height)
  • 28cm (diameter)
  • 1 AAA 200mAh 1.2V
  • splash-proof
  • suitable for use outdoors
Scope of delivery

Drop-shaped Chinese lantern with a solar module

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