Sugru Black, 8 x 5g

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sugru is the exciting new self-setting silicone rubber that you can shape by hand! Repair, improve, seal, reinforce, etc. sugru's possibilities are endless. sugru can be shaped like putty, sticks to nearly everything and turns into a strong, flexible silicone rubber overnight. Developed by a team of product designers and material scientists, sugru's patented technology offers a unique blend of plasticity, stickiness and flexibility after curing. It feels like putty and is just as simple to use. Once it cures, sugru's durability also means that it can easily stand up to even extreme environments – anywhere from inside a dishwasher to the Antarctic Ocean.

The 10 best uses for sugru at home:

1. Repairing and reinforcing damaged cables

2. Rubber feet for household items to prevent scratches on furniture

3. More comfortable handles for tools and kitchen helpers

4. Repairing damage to a refrigerator or freezer doors

5. Replacing lost knobs, levers and handles

6. Fixing a favourite cup

7. Making rubber corners for sharp edges to offer greater safety

8. Smoothing out rough spots in uncomfortable shoes

9. Sealing leaky shoes (only on the top, not on the soles)

10. Personalising items to avoid any possibility of confusion

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Product features
  • Self-adhesive silicone rubber
  • Sticks to aluminium, steel, ceramic, glass, wood and some textiles and plastics
  • Is waterproof and dishwasher safe after curing
  • Transforms into hard, robust silicone overnight when left to cure at room temperature
Technical data
  • 8 individual packs of 5 g each
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