Smoke detector with replaceable battery

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Product description

A smoke detector enhances safety and saves lives. Brennenstuhl’s fire detector warns when smoke is detected by emitting a loud, piercing alarm sound and, in so doing, protects peoples’ lives and property. To ensure that the battery is always functional and doesn’t fail at the wrong time, the smoke detector will signal when the battery is low so it can be replaced in good time.

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Product features
  • Replaceable 9 V block battery
  • Photoelectric detector
  • Piercing alarm signal
Technical data
  • 9 V battery
  • Photoelectric detector
  • Optical function display
  • Test button for functional testing
  • Beeps when the battery is low
  • 85 dB alarm signal
Scope of delivery
  • Brennenstuhl RM C 9010 smoke detector
  • 9 V block battery
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