To leave a better world behind than we have found.
The Energy Control Switch invited an ingenious energy management system for Switzerland. myStrom gives clients in Switzerland and also in EU countries by now the chance to handle environmentally conscious. myStrom products also connect with different Smart Home products like Amazon Alexa or Swisscom Home. Meanwhile myStrom provides additionally products in the areas of lighting, safety and living comfort. The products of myStrom are designed in Switzerland and boost the environmental electricity usage.

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  1. myStrom Wi-Fi Switch
    CHF 45.90
    myStrom Wi-Fi Switch
    A smart adaptor plug with a power-saving function
  2. myStrom Wi-Fi Bulb
    CHF 42.90
    myStrom Wi-Fi Bulb
    Smart LED bulb, dimmable, choice of colours
  3. myStrom Wi-Fi Button
    CHF 30.90
    myStrom Wi-Fi Button
    3-in-1 button for smart homes
  4. myStrom WiFi Button Plus
    CHF 38.90
    myStrom WiFi Button Plus
    4-in-1 button for smart home devices, with touchpad and LED ring
  5. Starter-Kit myStrom
    CHF 169.90
    Starter-Kit myStrom
    myStrom Button WIFI Plus & Bulb & 2x Switch
  6. myStrom lighting Pack
    CHF 164.90
    myStrom lighting Pack
    my Strom Button WIFI Plus & 3x WIFI Bulb
  7. Set myStrom Beleuchtung & Google Mini
    CHF 199.90
    Set myStrom Beleuchtung & Google Mini

    my Strom Button WIFI & 3x Bulb & Google Mini