Just imagine, a home in which sensors, household devices and lights work together automatically. A home that comes to life when you are there and that you can also control when you are not. That is Eve.
Eve helps you by providing greater comfort, control and flexibility, and is compatible with the Apple Home Kit.

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  1. Eve Aqua 2
    CHF 119.90
    Eve Aqua 2
    Smart irrigation control
  2. Eve Room
    CHF 119.90
    Eve Room
    Measures the indoor climate
  3. Eve Motion
    CHF 66.90
    Eve Motion
    Smart motion sensor
  4. Eve Thermo
    CHF 85.90
    Eve Thermo
    Smart heating controller
  5. Eve Smoke
    CHF 144.90
    Eve Smoke
    Smoke and heat detector
  6. Eve Door & Window
    CHF 53.90
    Eve Door & Window
    Smart door and window sensor
  7. Eve Degree
    CHF 82.90
    Eve Degree
    Smart weather station
  8. Eve Button
    CHF 64.90
    Eve Button
    HomeKit device control