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  • Humidifier - Stadler Form Oskar : Oskar humidifies the air with extreme precision by means of evaporation and making efficient use of electricity. For example, Oskar comes with an automatic switch-off function that is activated when the tank is empty. On the flip side, topping up the tank during operation is an absolute doddle. Since Oskar humidifies the air through evaporation, it is far more energy-efficient than conventional air humidifiers. Oskar also has a night mode, although it runs very quietly anyway. Its fragrance container helps to create a unique feel-good atmosphere too.
  • Scented oil REFRESH : Stadler Form’s oil blends are 100% all-natural and produce fragrant room scents. The scented oils are made in Switzerland from high-quality plant essences and are bottled by hand. They are all produced in an environmentally sustainable way and are not tested on animals. REFRESH brings a refreshing citrus scent.


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Oskar Refresh
Oskar Refresh

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CHF 169.90

    Product features

    Humidifier - Stadler Form Oskar :

    • Humidifies the air while keeping power consumption low
    • Precise humidification
    • Can be topped up during operation
    • Switches off automatically when the tank is empty
    • Very quiet operation
    • Night mode
    • Fragrance diffuser included

    Product details


    Scented oil REFRESH :

    • Fragrant
    • All-natural
    • Invigorating

    Product details



    Technical data

    Humidifier - Stadler Form Oskar :

    • Humidification max. 370 g/h
    • Room size: up to 50 m2 / 125 m3
    • Tank capacity: 3.5 l
    • Power: 6 – 18 W
    • Scented oil tank
    • Water level indicator
    • Automatic switch-off


    Scented oil REFRESH :

    • Made in Switzerland
    • High-quality plant essences
    • Environmentally sustainable production involving absolutely no animal testing
    • No synthetic substances, parabens or pesticides


    Scope of delivery

    Humidifier - Stadler Form Oskar :

    • Oskar


    Scented oil REFRESH :

    • Scented oil REFRESH


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