Meggy K-Star children's bike helmet

Product description

K-STAR is based on retroreflection technology: a light source hits the helmet shell and is reflected back by millions of tiny, mirrored glass beads. KED has succeeded in combining this technology in a special process with the microshell of the helmet in such a way that a full-surface reflection of the helmet is created and thus a previously unattained visibility.

With the maxSHELL manufacturing process, almost the entire EPS inner shell is covered by the outer Microshell, even into the ventilation openings (maximum Microshell coverage).

The patented QUICKSAFE system ensures simple and precise adjustment to the individual head shape and guarantees maximum wearing comfort and safety.

The patented QUICKSTOPP system adjusts the strap length once if necessary and locks it symmetrically in the middle of the helmet.

Insect protection net
Prevents insects from entering the helmet. The net is integrated into the helmet between the decor shell and the EPS damper and thus provides sufficient distance between the insect sting and the head.


  • maxSHELL technology
  • K-STAR full-surface reflector
  • QUICKSAFE adjustment system with double LED flashing light
  • Cross-country visor
  • insect net
  • Ratchet lock with chin padding
We take care of the complete climate compensation for this product. What is this?
Product features
  • Sizes (cm): 49-55 (S/M), 52-58 (M)
  • Weight (g): 270 (S/M), 280 (M)
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