LED SONNENGLAS® Mini, Set of 5

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Product description

With the SONNENGLAS® Mini, you generate light sustainably, environmentally consciously and individually for a lifetime! It is suitable as an atmospheric light source for the terrace, for camping or as romantic decorative light for the home. It can also be used to beautifully present your ideas. The interior offers you a unique stage for your treasures, holiday memories and everything that deserves a special place. Make your world shine!

We take care of the complete climate compensation for this product. What is this?
Product features

As soon as the surroundings are bright enough, the SONNENGLAS® Mini switches off automatically. This is easy on the battery and saves you both energy. Pretty smart, isn't it?

Thanks to the latest battery technology, the SONNENGLAS® Mini is more powerful and now lights up for a full 20 hours when fully charged.

You don't have to do without the function of your solar lantern if the sun doesn't shine for a while. As an alternative charging option, we have equipped the SONNENGLAS® Mini with a Micro-USB connector. This allows you to charge at the socket with a standard mobile phone charging cable.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery:

  • 5x Consol Sunglass Mini
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