Climate-conscious shopping

Shopping in the Primeo Energie online shop is completely CO₂-compensated. We offset the CO₂ emissions generated throughout the life cycle of the products ordered, from production to disposal, by investing in recognised climate protection projects run by our partner South Pole. The various climate protection projects avoid greenhouse gas emissions or extract CO₂ from the atmosphere and bind it. In addition, these projects contribute to sustainable development as a whole and create added value for the local population, for example through access to work, clean drinking water or education.

Camera Netatmo Welcome

Smart home camera from Netatmo. Netatmo Welcome recognizes people and animals and informs you if unauthorized persons enter your home. The Netatmo Welcome smart camera is compatible with Google Home.

Nest Protect - smart smoke detector

The nest of smoke detectors not only speaks, but also thinks before it speaks. It recognizes dangers and informs about them. The Nest smoke detectors are compatible with Google Home.